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Packing and Self Storage Tips

SpanishHelpful Hints For Better Storage

Packing Tips:

Make packing for storage easier on yourself by planning ahead.

Make a complete list of all goods stored. Include a description, model number and serial number.

Gather up plenty of boxes, packing paper, tape and all necessary packing supplies. We offer 25% discount on boxes for all our storage customers. Call any of our offices for prices.
Spray furniture with a good polish, and cover with cloths if possible.

Wrap chair legs with paper.

Wrap mattresses and box springs with plastic covers.

Pack heavy items like books and tools in small boxes. Label and seal all boxes with tape.

Use boxes (wardrobes) or bags for clothing and draperies.

Wrap glass and breakable items in plastic bubble wrap and cover them with linens for additional protection.

Use lots of paper to pack dishes and glassware. Wrap them separately. Place a layer of packing paper inside the bottom and top of boxes.

Storing Tips:

Clean and dry appliances before storing. Secure all movable parts. DO NOT STORE FOOD ITEMS!!

Do not put mattresses on floors or lean against the walls.

Use climate controlled to store pianos, antiques or art objects.  We have those available.  If interested check our climate controlled storage page.

Store small, expensive items such as stereo equipment, TVs, camcorders, etc. in the back of the storage space in unmarked boxes.

Place large items such as furniture and beds in front of them.

Where possible, store all boxes and furniture on wooden pallets or on boards placed on the floor of the storage space.  See any of our trained office managers to see if these items are available.

We are not responsible for any loss or pilferage from your occupied storage unit.  We recommend insurance to cover the value of your goods.  Our office offers a great insurance plan.  Just come by the office and we will be glad to help you with this.  Or you can do it online at

We are glad you chose our facility for your storage needs.  If we can be of any assistance please come by the office or feel free to call.

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