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Vehicle, RV and Boat Storage

SpanishDo you need to store your classic car or your family vehicle? Or maybe you have an extra vehicle but nowhere to park it? At Ray Self Storage, whether you have a classic car or family heirloom vehicle, we have enough space to store them all.

Make room in your garage for those things you use each day… like your car?  Protect and store motorcycles, jet-skis, and ATVs seasonally or all year long.

Homeowners associations and city ordinances can make parking your RV a nightmare.  Let Ray Self Storage simplify your RV storage needs. We offer RV parking spaces to fit your family’s vacation home!
We accommodate all shapes and sizes in our RV and boat storage areas. Electronic gates guard the entrance to our storage facilities, which you can access with your own personalized code.

Whether it’s your weekend toy or your passion, we have boat storage solutions large enough to store your boat, trailer and your gear.

Are you just looking to store your boat temporarily during the off-season? Our month-to-month storage leases give you the flexibility you need to choose the terms that are right for you.
The vehicle you intend to store must meet the following requirements:
1. Vehicle must be in running condition or on a trailer.
2. You must show proof of ownership.
For additional information on vehicle, RV and boat storage with Ray Self Storage, visit any of our local self storage facilities where our trained Storage Managers will be happy to assist you.

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