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Find Your New Furry Best Friend


Find Your New Furry Best Friend

                A few months ago, my family made the wonderful decision to foster the sweetest kitten.  It didn’t take long for him to settle right in and become part of the family.  Taking in that little guy brought a warmth to our home that we didn’t know was missing.  While I was searching for our little guy, I discovered just how many pets where out there, needing a place to call home.

                Alamance and Guilford county have several organizations dedicated to animals in need.  The needs for these animals do not just stop at pet adoption.  I wanted to share with you all the ways these groups benefit local animals and the opportunities available to people to help meet these needs.

Burlington Animal Services- The Burlington Animal Services adoption center is located at 221 Stone Quarry Rd.  This was where we found our kitten.  For those who are looking to adopt, Burlington Animal Services offers the chance to foster kittens or puppies that are too young to be fixed.  While the little one is in your care, the origination will pay for shots and any other medical attention that might be needed.  Then, when the kitten or puppy is big enough to be spayed/neutered, the adopting family must only pay a small adoption fee.  For animals that are already old enough to be adopted, Burlington Animal Services has several pet adoption events throughout the year, where fees are discounted or even waved.  For families that are already pet owners, there are also clinics offered for spay/neutering, vaccinations, and microchipping.  If you aren’t looking to adopt, but want to help, Burlington Animal Services is always on the lookout for volunteer dog walkers.  You can also donate pet food, beds, toys, or litter.  More information at http://www.ci.burlington.nc.us/1540/Pets-Currently-at-Animal-Services

Guilford County Animal Services- Guilford County Animal Services is located at 4525 W. Wendover Ave in Greensboro.  This organization provides similar services as it’s Burlington counterpart.  Offering adoption, clinics, foster, and volunteer opportunities.  Guilford County Animal Services also has it’s “Unchaining Greensboro” initiative.  This is a way for low income families to receive help, building a fence for their dog and avoid chains.  You can find more information on Guilford County Animal Services here,  http://www.myguilford.com/animal-services/animal-shelter/.

Sparkle Cat Rescue- Sparkle Cat Rescue does not have a set address.  Instead, it is a network of big hearting people, who have taken in cats that are waiting for their forever homes.  The wonderful volunteers of Sparkle Cat go out to locations where stray cats have been reported.  They safely capture the cats and decided which ones could be adopted.  Those that are too feral, are spayed/neutered and released, while the rest get any medical attention they might need and then begin their journey toward adoption.  As with Burlington and Guilford, Sparkle Cat is always in need of donations and volunteers willing to foster.  Find out more on them at https://www.facebook.com/sparklecatrescue/.

Piedmont Reptile Rescue- If furry critters aren’t your style, there are plenty of scaly ones over at Piedmont Reptile Rescue.  Piedmont Reptile Rescue specializes in helping snakes and lizards find homes.  Sometimes, people buy these animals without knowing what a big reasonability they are. That is where Piedmont Reptile Rescue comes in, offering a place for owners to safely surrender these creatures.  You can find more information on Piedmont Reptile Rescue at https://www.piedmontreptilerescue.org/.



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