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Making filing easier


It is important to create and maintain a filing system, but it need not be a tremendous hassle. Though many people use hanging files, regular folders can be just as effective. Labels are a vital component to each folder, and erasable labels are even more useful. Two-sided or self-adhesive labels can also work to make sure all your documents go in the correct place.

Key Takeaways:

  • One solution is to avoid hanging file folders altogether and just use standard file folders.
  • Alternatively, I’m guessing you could attach a self-adhesive label made with a label maker to the tab if you prefer that to handwritten labels.
  • This solution assumes you use interior file folders in your hanging files, which not everyone does.

“Erasable hanging folder tabs are the ones I’m going to try, myself. You can use them with the hanging folders you already have, although they cost about 25 percent more than the normal 1/3 cut plastic tabs do.”

Making filing easier

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