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Reader question: Organizing Broadway playbills


When you go see a lot of plays you often times collect memorabilia from the plays such as programs, shirts, cups, mugs or posters. When you collect all this stuff over the years, you wonder what do you do with it all? Do you keep it or throw it away? Most times this stuff just sits there and collects dust anyway. However, according to the article you can pass them on to friends, online selling or just simply throwing them away. A lot of people will just chose to keep them as souvenirs anyway.

Key Takeaways:

  • Photos, pictures, and playbills from a local theatre may be of value to your community archives. Consider contacting these groups to make a donation.
  • You may decide to frame some posters or photos that have great meaning to you. We suggest that you use acid-free materials and UV-resistant glass when mounting your items.
  • An archival 3-Ring Binder Box with heavy-weight, archival sheet protectors would be ideal to store and organize programs and playbills.
Organizing Broadway playbills

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