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Rocking Out, the Triad


I want to take an opportunity to share my family’s favorite low budget activity, Rock Hunting! No, we aren’t just walking around the yard and picking up rocks. Rock Hunting is a fun way to get to know your town, express yourself, and meet other locals. The best part is, how much money you spend is completely up to you! Here’s how it works…Find a rock you like. This can be any kind of rock. I personally prefer the river rocks, sold in most craft or home improvement stores. You can just as easily pick one up from the yard. Now, decorate your rock any way you chose! Let your artistic skills shine! I like to use acrylic paints and glitter, but markers or paint pens do very well. Adding a positive message is encouraged. Be sure to wash your rock and let it dry before you start decorating. When the decorations are dry, seal your rock. The most popular way is with Modge Podge or clear acrylic spray. On the bottom of your rock, use a marker or brush to write the city you live in.

Beautiful Rocks

Now, you need a place to go hunting. Most families find spots to hunt by using social media. From what I have seen, most cities have a Facebook group dedicated to rock hunting in their area. We participate in Mebane Rocks. In the groups, participants share pictures of their creations, exchange decorating tips, and discuss locations. Downtown areas are usually the best places to visit. You have your rocks and you have your spot. Time to set out. Take a nice walk and look for places to hide your masterpieces. Shop windows, flower pots, low tree branches, and statues make perfect hiding areas. Avoid leaving your rocks in grass or play areas. You don’t want someone to get injured. As you hide, keep a sharp eye! Other hunters from your group have been out hiding too! This part is always the most fun for me. If you find someone’s rock, you have a choice. You can move it to where someone else can find it or feel free to take it home with you! I have a growing collection of rocks, that I just couldn’t put down. Some people even take some on vacation with them. Recently, someone posted on Facebook that they had found one mine at Carowinds, after I originally hid it at the local library!

The fun doesn’t have to stop with painting and finding rocks. You can make a whole day of it! We like to find several rocks and then have a picnic before re-hiding them. The kids make a game out of who can find the most. It’s also fun to find a place to sit and watch other rock hunters get excited over finding your rock. The look on their face will warm your heart. If you’re lucky, you can find special rocks that a local business has hidden. These usually have a prize that can be claimed, when you visit the business. We have won free ice cream! These hunts are not just fun, but a great way to teach children about local history and helping others. Stop to read the plaques on historical buildings, pick up some litter, or hold open a door for someone. Once, we were out rock hunting and my boyfriend stopped to help push a broken-down car out of the street. The driver was grateful and my kids saw a real example of kindness. If you’re ready to join the fun, you can find more information at https://www.facebook.com/TheKindnessRocksProject/.

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