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The Wyndham Championship “Greensboro, NC”

I decided today to write about something close to home.  The Wyndham Championship here in our own backyard.

 The Wyndham Championship is one of the tournaments on the “PGA Tour”, formerly known as “The Greater Greensboro Open” and has been part of the rotation since 1938!  The name officially changed back in 2007 when the sponsorship was taken over by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts from DaimlerChrysler.  In its entirety, the tournament has been held at three different country clubs, alternating for different time periods.  In its first four years, it was held at both Sedgefield Country Club and Starmount Forest Country Club.  In 1942 the two country clubs alternated being the host until 1952. Starmount Forest CC then held most of the tournaments between 1952-1960.

 A little funny story is behind why the Starmount has not held the tournament since 1960.  In 1960 the legendary golfer, Sam Snead, won the tournament at the Starmount Forest CC and jokingly mentioned that the course had a toll taken on it from the harsh winter and that owner, Edward Benjamin, should look at fixing it up before the next tournament.  Edward Benjamin did not take lightly to this comment and banned Snead from the course for life.  The popularity contest between Snead and Benjamin then begun, since Benjamin’s decision, the course has not been played at the Starmount Forest Country Club to this day.  Between 1961-1976 Sedgefield held the tournament before switching over to the Forest Oaks Country club from 1977-2007.  Since 2007, the Sedgefield Country Club has been hosting the tournament.

As I noted before legendary golfer, Sam Snead, was the first winner of the tournament back in 1938.  He, to this day, holds the record for most wins at this tournament with 8 in total, which is also a PGA Tour record.  While we are on the topic of records, just last year Korean Pro Golfer, Kim Si-woo, tied a course record of 259.  This of course won him his first Wyndham Championship. 

Some big names have played in the tournament over the years.  Just to name a few: Sam Snead, Johnny Revolta, Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Billy Casper, Sergio Garcia.

Here is some fun information that you may not have known about the 75+ year old tournament.  In 2010, the Wyndham tournament was the first PGA Tour event to allow fans to use their mobile devices on the course during play.  The PGA Tour widely adopted this policy the year following.  In the return to Sedgefield in 2008, Carl Pettersson, a Grimsley High School and NCSU alumnus, won in style.  He set the course score records for, first round (62), second round (61), 36 holes (125), 54 holes (191), and 72 holes (259) on his way to win his first Wyndham Championship.

If you would like to catch the action this year, then make sure that you grab your tickets for the upcoming event @ Sedgefield Country Club from August 14th, 2017 to August 20th, 2017.  For ticket information please visit: http://www.wyndhamchampionship.com/spectators/tickets/.  If you attend, I hope you enjoy the show!

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